Friday, September 24, 2010

Motivated by Music

It became apparent to me when I began to exercise again that I needed something to kick start my energy.  The answer for me was music.  Overtime I figured out what rhythms really motivate me and which don't. The impact has been amazing.  For better or for worse, I don't like to run these days without my iPod plugged into my ears.  I listen to two DJ's, both who podcast shows weekly on iTunes so each week I get new energy on a consistent basis.  Some weeks their sets are good, other times just ok, but occasionally there will be a set which is mind blowingly motivating, and I end up going back to it for several weeks.  So who are the kings of my motivation, DJ Eros and Tiesto.  DJ Eros lives in Puerto Rico and plays a four hour set. Tiesto lives everywhere plays an hour long jam.  I highly recommend these DJs if you are looking for a new power source.  It might take some time, but they'll grow into you.  Here is a bit of Tiesto!

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