Friday, August 20, 2010

Lose Weight with Your Natural Team

Losing weight is hard. To lose weight in a healthy way requires commitment and determination. While some people try to lose weight on their own, others reach out to peer support groups with structured programs to help them along the way.  While these artificial support groups can be helpful, many people still fail to reach their goals.  Why?

Modern society has restructured our lives over the past 50 years. Gone are close knit communities of century's past where people lived and died among the same social community in the same locale. Today, we may move multiple times, have several jobs and exist in a couple of different communities across the country all within a single decade. Our lives have become fragmented, and in the process, our natural support system that were historically present to help each of us make healthy choices and support us in our quest to improve ourselves have been severed.

Your natural support team includes your family, friends, colleagues, and communities (such as church).  These people are your natural support network. They want to help. That is why they are part of your life. But how can we tap into these strong ties in today's fragmented, twitter-paced world?

Just as technology ripped apart our natural support network, new tools are now emerging in the form of social health applications across the web to help bond our fragmented social lives together.  Social health applications built on top of social networks will create more cohesive relationships where feedback, support and motivation will all be leveraged to help you succeed in all your endeavors, especially those difficult health related endeavors like losing weight. So, get ready to tap your natural team. The social health revolution is just beginning!

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